Eggardon Hill in winter light

I spent the afternoon on Eggardon Hill – the changing light and mist looked very enticing as we drove there, but shortly after arrival, it thickened and darkened and it felt very definitely wintry. We were hoping for a glorious sunset at this eastern end of the Marshwood Vale, but the sun quickly slid behind a bank of grey clouds and it was not to be. So, a rather moody set of photos from the expedition.

We saw a small flock of Portland sheep, and the chap with the dog pointed out a herd of roe deer down in the valley, including one blond one. Too far away for my lens though!

For those who don’t know, Eggardon Hill is a steep folded and sheep-tracked bulwark, over 250m high,  at the far eastern end of the Marshwood Vale, and has a hill fort on top. There are spectacular views (on a clear day!) all round, but especially southwest towards Bridport.

West Compton, England, United Kingdom