Can’t see the wood for the trees

Today promised warm fine weather, on only the second day from our very slow release from being locked up. I celebrated with a friend by visiting Blackbury Camp to take some photos of the trees before the place is overrun by selfie-obsessed hordes bent on trampling the bluebells flat. (Social media has a lot to answer for in this respect.)

We arrived to find a chap with his newly-allowed tripod composing scenes with trees, so went for a walk round the ramparts of the hill-fort, finding lots of interesting textures and shapes in close-up as we went.

He moved on, and we spent a happy hour wandering through the trees, admiring the variety of leaf and twig habits of oak and beech. With the hour having recently gone back, the sun was low enough to cast voluptuous shadows over the ground, especially pleasing by the earthworks at the entrance, called a barbican on the information boards – as shown at the top of this page.

We rounded off the visit with a cup of black tea each, sat on a fallen log. Close enough to the ‘coffee on a bench’ now allowed by government decree I think!

near Beer, England, United Kingdom