Blowing away the winter blues

Life can be a bit stressful sometimes, but there’s nothing like a walk on the beach on a sunny winter’s day to lift the spirits. I went with a friend to Charmouth, just along the coast from where I live, and enjoyed the low tide and sandy beach on a bright and breezy day. There’s not so much plastic consumer rubbish as at Lyme, but far too much discarded fishing gear, which is too heavy to pick up or inextricably tangled in tideline driftwood. I only managed to throw away a few scraps of fishing line 🙁

This dog was clearly frustrated by his master’s smartphone use (a very common scene unfortunately for dogkind), and was picking up and dropping his toy, then whirling round frantically, until a few minutes later he was taken notice of, and flew happily across the sand, all disappointment forgotten in the fun of the chase.

The afternoon was rounded off nicely with a plate of the best cheese and toast in town washed down with a pot of tea, at Aroma Lyme Regis.