A different light

Since SARS-CoV-2 struck, we’ve tended to do our almost-daily walks first thing in the morning. At the start, this was out of necessity as we were instructed to abhor any human contact during exercise, and fewer people went out before breakfast. But over the months it’s become a habit, so nearly all my photos of the coast have been in morning light.

Today it was pouring with rain first thing, but it cleared up in the late afternoon, so I nipped down to Lyme for a quick dose of fresh air and exercise on the beach. I was lucky with the light; as the sun slipped behind the cliffs, the clouds lit up pink and reflected on the sea and in the rockpools, and that always-recognisable stretch of the Jurassic Coast shone in grey and gold rather than being a dark silhouette. I often say that the view can be better if you turn your back on the sunset, and this proved to be true, as the Belt of Venus slowly developed behind Golden Cap, colouring the sky rose pink.

The view east, evening glow

I was particularly taken by the coloured reflections of clouds in still water on my way back to the car.

Lyme Regis, England, United Kingdom