Winter walking

On Sunday, the Met Office told us it would be a glorious sunny day in the Southwest, so we took them at their word and went to Dartmoor for a walk. We left sunshine behind at home and it got greyer and greyer the nearer we got! The numpties could have looked out their window in Exeter and seen the cloud cover over the moor, surely?

Oh well, we had a lovely but very cold and frosty walk over Bench Tor, me sporting my new gloves and scarf – very welcome too. Next year, I shall add a thermal vest and leggings to my Christmas wish-list.

Mr W had the brilliant idea of taking the camping stove with us, so when we got back to the car, we had hot black tea, and a fried duck-egg and crispy bacon butty in wholemeal bread. A fry-up has rarely tasted so good!


Rowan at Bench Tor