Waterline – contemporary photography exhibition

I’m currently hosting an exhibition at The Gallery, Symondsbury Estate near Bridport – here is a taster of some of the images you’ll see if you visit.

Visitors have been intrigued by the abstract and painterly nature of the photos, and have enjoyed reading their own interpretation into them, aided by a deliberate lack of titling!

The comments we’ve had most often are along the lines of “Are you sure these aren’t paintings?”; “It’s lovely to see a coherent body of work by two different people”; “I’m glad to see more abstract work being featured”, and “How reasonably these are priced”. And we’ve met several fellow rustaholics and brick fanatics, which is nice.

About the exhibition

Tricia Scott (ARPS) and Lois Wakeman (LRPS) discovered they share an uncannily similar view of the world soon after they first met in 2010.

Both like to look for abstract images in the everyday – things that many people would walk past unseeing. Living by the coast, seaside subjects naturally suggest themselves.

For this, the first photographic exhibition in the new Lyme Bay Arts Gallery at Symondsbury, they have chosen a series of photographs of boat hulls; abraded, peeling and chipped paint from just above or below the waterline when the boats are afloat. You are invited to admire the surprising patterns revealed, and imagine the scenes suggested by random brushstrokes, corrosion and sanding revealed while the boats are out of water.

Open 10.30-4.30 daily until 9th October 2019, free admission and parking.

About the books

Lois is exhibiting two photobooks – “Wessex” – landscapes, and “Abstractions” – rust, concrete, old paint and general dilapidation. Several people have asked if they can buy copies. The short answer, sadly, is “no” – they were one-off exercises and would be prohibitively expensive to reprint. I am hoping to find a way of producing them at a more realistic price, so let me know if you are interested in finding out more.

Symondsbury, England, United Kingdom