Seaton to Beer and back again

Today, I led a walk in conjunction with the RPS‘s Digital Imaging and Landscape Groups with six fellow photographers. Needless to say, after over a week of bright and sunny weather, the day dawned grey and wet, and it stayed overcast all day. But despite the flat light, I think we all enjoyed ourselves and it was good to spend time with fellow enthusiasts.

We started at Seaton, walked along the beach to Seaton Hole, up the steps and along the clifftop to the next settlement, Beer. After lunch, we spent time on the beach at Beer exploring the boats, beachhuts and deckchairs before a few intrepid souls descended the vertical metal ladder and slithered across seaweedy rocks onto the shore towards Seaton. The rest very sensibly took the bus back to Seaton!

So thanks to the organisers for this project, which gave me a chance to find my usual semi-abstract subjects as well as a couple of landscapes.

Seaton, East Devon, Devon, England, United Kingdom

Beer, England, United Kingdom

Beer, England, United Kingdom