Rock art

I’ve just returned from a short break in south-east Cornwall, and it turned into an opportunity for a small photographic project on rock abstracts, as well as the chance to beachcomb to my heart’s content. (I was especially pleased to find an unbroken necklace shell, though it will have to stay in the garden till the former occupant ceases to smell.)

This part of the coast is made of Lower Devonian mudstones, siltstones and sandstones, in the most delicate shades of pink, green, blue-grey and orange, many with a lovely silvery sheen. Seaworn, the rocks display beautiful striations and streaks that I found very appealing.

Here are just a few of the abstracts that I captured – from Seaton (Cornwall, not Devon), Lansallos and Tregantle. (With thanks to Lisa Woollett who introduced me to these lovely beaches…)

and here’s one that isn’t quite a rock abstract – unless you count sand:

Snail abstract, Tregantle

Lansallos Cove, Cornwall, England, United Kingdom

Seaton Beach, Cornwall, England, United Kingdom

Tregantle Beach, Cornwall England, United Kingdom