Carpe diem

If the last ghastly year has taught me anything, it’s that life is not an endless procession of opportunities, and I need to get on and do as many wished-for things as I can manage. (Actually, it’s taught me a lot more, but I’m not going to rant here!)

So, to get back to the point. Every spring, as I drive down Fernhill towards Bridport to do the shopping, I think “this would be a lovely spot to take some photos while the spring foliage is on the beech trees”. But I’m always rushing to get there and back again, and for years never quite ‘got around to it’.

So, today I cadged a lift to the top of the hill and actually took the photos I’ve been visualising for so long. I don’t think these are necessarily the final version, but they’ll do for now.

As a bonus, I discovered the cemetery at Charmouth, which was a delight. While I was there, I managed to forget the constant rumble of traffic from the A35, taking in the cruciferous charm of the headstones.

Charmouth, England, United Kingdom

Charmouth, England, United Kingdom