Bench Tor and Venford revisited

For once, the weather forecast for Easter was for sunshine and light winds, so we packed a picnic and headed west early to miss the traffic. We left Uplyme in brilliant sunshine, and were somewhat dismayed as we crossed the Exe to see louring clouds towards our destination. Once over the cattle grid onto the moor, the mist came down and the temperature dropped – cue ominous muttering from the driver! We decided to carry on anyway having come this far, and after a chilly walk from the car park across the bridge, we entered White Wood, which was quite sheltered. This early in the year, the most striking feature was the carpet of moss and lichen on the rocks and trees.

By the time we got to the top, the clouds were burning off and we enjoyed the play of sunlight across the distant slopes of the Dart valley, the subtle hues of the greening woods, and the blazes of golden gorse blossom. So, all in all, better than initially expected!

PS Apologies for the rather mushy photos – I only took my phone with me and wished I’d made the effort to take the big camera. The camera phone has an annoying habit of using its limited intelligence to decide what it thinks I want, rather than what I ask it to do. So, closeups horribly over-sharpened made small by cropping rather than using the right lens. No resorting to the RAW files which are similarly cropped – grrr!