A silk purse from a sow’s ear

Perhaps my post title is rather over-egging the pudding (a hog’s pudding perhaps?), but I wanted to demonstrate that you can find something interesting even in the most pedestrian circumstances. In this case, a short walk on a very grey winter’s day from the car to the post office in my local town. Of course, what I find interesting isn’t necessarily the same as yours – but by looking at the pavement, under a garden hedge and at a building site, I made these four images which pleased me. And pleasing yourself is the essence of amateur photography, surely?

I’ve been taking photos for a very long time now, and find that although I still like taking landscapes and seascapes, it’s often the little details (I call them ‘intimate landscapes’) that catch my eye – the sort of thing lots of people walk past unseeing.

And here is a pair of “nothing much” images taken last weekend in the rather more august surroundings of Bath in Somerset: