What am I looking at?

I’m a great one for finding abstracts or “accidental paintings” in my wanderings – whether natural or man-made. I know lots of people can’t see the point in them, but I am drawn to their enigmatic patterns, textures and tones. Sometimes you can guess at the source, and other times, you can’t.

In a way, I feel I’m cheating – I find it very hard to create deliberate abstracts in paint, but finding them with the camera seems very much easier. I do have some creative input, surely, by deciding what to frame, but the original hand of man, time or nature did the donkey work! Anyway, enough philosophising on a dank and dismal winter’s afternoon.

These images are based on a single phone snap from Christmas Eve that caught my eye. If you want to know what they depict, scroll down to the very bottom and select the last paragraph (my low-rent solution to avoid installing a plug-in specially for this one page…)

And here is the whole original from which I chose the above:

The big reveal: a steamed-up window in the local Costa coffeeshop.