Walking in a winter wonderland

The elements have been kind to the photographer these past couple of days. Living near the sea, we rarely get much snow, and in fact there was only 2-3cms in the garden. But as a diversion from a grocery shopping trip, I stopped at our local nature reserve which was just a bit farther inland, and blanketed with a lot more snow. After finding a parking spot at the side of the road – thanks to the abandoned van in the car park entrance – a short walk back down the road took us to a beech forest where all the trunks were covered in snow on the north side.


Further exploration led to coniferous woodlands with their intricate lacy branches holding snow.

Icing on the cake

Lots of crunching through bracken, rushes and grass later, we emerged on the side of the Axe Valley to see the distant hazy fields and hedges.

The Axe Valley

Trinity Hill Road, East Devon, England, United Kingdom