The names that fireworks call themselves

Number 4 in an occasional series: 1 was staplers, 2 was caravans, and 3 was office chairs.

Some while ago, I got an Epic Fireworks catalogue through the post – why they think a 2-man company would mount a £2,000 display is beyond me, but it furnished me with food for thought.

In the olden days, fireworks used to have pretty names like Roman Candle, Bengal Matches, Silver Rain and Chrysanthemum Flower as befits their beauty. But in these boorish and aggressive times, they have Chav names: Fire One, Raging Bull, Hornets 28 Shot, Maverick, DP Thrust, Fragma, Shogun, Atomic Meltdown, Rocket, Stinger, Heavy Duty and Six Machine to name but a few from the ‘Revenge of the Guy’ selection pack.

Obviously Zen has given way to crass commercialism in the newly liberated Chinese economy. Sigh.

Update August 2016: the company web site currently has a collection of quite scarily bad images, as well as lots of new names to marvel at.