The names that caravans call themselves

Part II in an occasional series on the names of things, inspired by Gary Larson. Part I: Staplers

A few weeks ago, I spent a lot of time in traffic jams on the M6, and to pass the time, collected some names of caravans. Since then, I have added some more to my collection, and have found it quite an interesting exercise in branding.

Without going through the whole list, they seem to fall into several groups:

  • The aspirational: Corniche, Stellar, Quasar
  • The constitutional: Jubilee, Senator, Heritage, Pageant, Festival
  • The butch and manly: Pioneer, Discovery, Challenger, Patriot
  • The rural: Cheviot, Dalesman, Countryman, Highlander *
  • The downright dangerous and asking for retribution: Firestorm, Tornado, Hurricane, Meteorite
  • And to finish up: the frankly ludicrous: Pastiche. (Named after a Greek and Italian dish (pastitsio) made of leftovers, and basically meaning a mish-mash). And Avanté – what’s that?

(* or in this case, silly 1990’s film!)

Do you have a favourite name for a caravan? Polite suggestions only please.