Snowdrop Valley, Exmoor

Today was the day when I decided to “Carpe Diem” – after weeks of crouching over the computer at work, we went to Wheddon Cross on Exmoor to see the Snowdrop Valley on a glorious sunny day. And I was so glad we did.

It was quite early when we got there, and the mist was still clearing from the woods.

Following the path next to the River Avill, we saw carpets of these lovely white flowers – early heralds of spring – all along the way. By now, a few others had arrived, and the paths were starting to fill up.

Close up, I saw some lovely red fungus on the woodland floor – scarlet elf cup (Sacoscypha coccinea).

and the mossy logs made a nice contrast to the bluer foliage of the flowers.

Everywhere we looked, sheets of dainty white carpeted the woodland. The wood was filling up by now, and everywhere I stopped, someone was waiting for me to get out of his photo!

After a very pleasant morning walk, we got back to the road, ready for the long hike back up to Wheddon, where we had a nice cuppa, home-made cake and a welcome sit down in the Village Hall.

(We left just in time to miss the coach-load of screeching children in fluorescent tabards who arrived – like a flock of parakeets – to spoil the breathless calm of the valley.)

You can check the next opening dates on this web page if you fancy a visit yourself.

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