Plastic fantastic

The coming of IKEA to a city near me was good in that it meant no more trips to Bristol on the motorway, but the downside was that because it’s more convenient, we go more often. I do find the “we know best” attitude of the store designers just a wee bit frustrating, with the incomprehensible navigation signs that lead to aimless wandering with all the other  lost souls in retail purgatory. I don’t need any more stuff at this time (or probably ever, really), so I decided to put the phone’s camera and my imagination to the test. An exercise I enjoyed and may try again some time. (As a keen typographer, I spent some time looking out of the café window at the IKEA sign on the outside of the building. To while away the time until hubby came back into phone range in what is essentially a huge Faraday cage, I calculated that they are probably getting on for 6000 points! In case you wondered, the font is ‘IKEA Sans’, a variation on Futura, exclusive to the company. Sans, despite having tiny serifs…)