Pilsdon Pen

Tonight I visited one of the many Iron Age hillforts in the local area. The one atop Pilsdon Pen (one of the highest hills in Dorset at 277m, second only to Lewesdon) has a commanding view over the Marshwood Vale to the sea southwards, and far into Dorset, Devon and Somerset east, west and north. On a clear calm evening, as the waxing moon sailed across the sky and the shadows gradually lengthened on the fields, there was plenty to reward a steep climb up from the road, over the ramparts and onto the top. The ramparts were bright with magenta bell heather and tall spires of foxglove, and the close-cropped grass in the centre was silvery with uprooted wisps of moss left by the sheep.

The view south from Pilsdon Pen

I lugged my telephoto lens with me, to capture some details of the fieldscapes laid out below me. The pasture field south of the road must be one of the most voluptuous for a long way, and the field boundaries marked by specimen oaks are the quintessence of West Dorset.

As usual, I found some little details to divert me…

Wool gathering on the Wessex Way

If you fancy a visit to this wonderful place, you can park in a layby on the B3164, just south of the hill.

Bridport DT6 5NZ, UK