Phone photos

I’m trying out a smartphone with a camera on the principle that I don’t always have my proper camera with me and miss things. So far, quite liking the images, but disliking having to carry around a big slab instead of my little dumb phone that fits comfortably in my jeans pocket. Anyway, it’s good for one of my favourite subjects – boat paint close-ups from the boat park in Lyme Regis. Most of these samples are about 10-20cm across.

(Taken with a Windows Lumia 950 phone. I did have a Panasonic DMC-CM1 Lumix for a short while, which took wonderful images but had no way of attaching a lanyard, which is a pretty serious deficiency for someone who hangs over seawalls and rocks to take photos! Also, relying extensively on screen menus to change settings in bright sunshine isn’t ideal. With a bit of thought, it could have been brilliant.)