On Monmouth Beach

… the title of a book that Ian McEwan doesn’t yet know he wants to write. Or it might just be that, finding myself with an unexpected hour on the beach this morning, I decided to wander along and see what I could see. It was very enjoyable mooching about in the late Autumn sunshine, looking at boats, fishing nets, rocks, driftwood and beachhuts. Being by the sea (at least on a day like today) is very soothing and restorative – the state of “involuntary attention” is, I am told, akin to a meditative state but without having to stop thinking about anything, which I find impossible to do.

And so I made my way from the boatyard westwards towards Pinhay, finding all sorts of little things to interest me. I’ve picked a dozen to share here – seeing in sixes – doubled! They fell naturally into four groups, which pleased me no end.

Monmouth Beach, Lyme Regis, Dorset, South West England, England, United Kingdom