Uncut moquette

Most people drive up and down the A303 oblivious to the wonderful chalk country either side of the road. But I have to make a conscious effort to concentrate on the road rather than admiring the scenery. A few times, I’ve been lucky enough to be able to stop when the weather, light and crops were just right for a photo. My A303 series photos all look quite tranquil, but in reality, I was standing on the verge with traffic thundering past at 60 miles an hour. However, while I was concentrating on the scene in front of me, I was able to entirely ignore this intrusion of modern life and immerse myself in an intense reflection on the scene in front of my eyes.

Oats, Wiltshire

This rolling field of almost-ripe oats reminds me of those old-fashioned scratchy plush seats you used to get on buses and trains. I used a telephoto lens to accentuate the topography, and the shadows from a cumulus-filled sky add to the drama of the scene.