Living in a nanny state

beach detritus mosaic

I’m always concerned about plastic rubbish on the beach. But that isn’t the only rubbish. A big rash of ugly and largely unnecessary signage is – to my eyes – just as obtrusive and out of place.

Cobb signage

These horrible railings and signs were put on the end of the Cobb wall in Lyme Regis some years ago now, transforming a historical monument into a monument to the litigation society. Some reckless idiot fell off the Cobb during a storm and sued the town council for damages. Fortunately he lost on appeal, but this is his legacy.

A few hundred yards west, there is a natural beach, whose wilderness is spoiled by this large and ugly palisade, telling us to beware of, amongst other things, tides, rocks, waves and currents. Possibly not unexpected on a beach. As you can see, it hasn’t put off visitors from skirting round the end:

Monmouth beach warnings

On the front proper, there are warning signs every few hundred yards like this. Caution: The shingle beach shelves steeply – as a cursory inspection will confirm:

More safety signs

Stuff like this negates Darwinian selection. The human race will become more stupid and more unable to take any responsibility for personal safety  with every generation. Wrap people up in cotton wool and they become unable to assess risks, therefore acting more dangerously. Bah, humbug!