I’m lost!

Are you looking for the old “Eye for Information” site? It’s been archived at http://old.lois.co.uk. Or the photos that used to be on http://photos.lois.co.uk are all here, as are the articles.

Hint: if you are looking for a specific I4I page and the link is broken (which it will be!), you can edit the link so it works: put old. after the http:// and before lois.co.uk, and change asp at the end to html

I spent weeks trying to find a way to keep the old site working in parallel, but it just wasn’t possible, so sorry about that.

Just to get you started, the recipe page was the most popular, and you can find it here: http://old.lois.co.uk/about/personal/recipes/index.html.

#2 is this page about making pottery:  http://old.lois.co.uk/pottery/makingfigures.html.