Eype Down

A quick walk to see the last of the bluebells on my way to the shops today. Whilst much of the population was glued to their TVs watching the Royal Wedding, I was wandering happily in the sunshine through a sea of fragrant blue, and admiring all the wildflowers. Eype Down has swathes of open bluebell lawns as well as woodland areas, and is well worth a visit, being only a short walk from the A35 but not overrun by selfie-taking hordes trampling the flowers. And no wild garlic either, which is swamping some of the bluebell woods near my house.

Although the bluebells were mostly past their best, they still smelt wonderful, their scent augmented by the hay-like perfume of sweet vernal grass in the lawns. The cloying scent of hawthorn, and the delicate one of wild apple blossom, all added to the heady experience.

As well as the bluebells, white starry stitchwort, pink campion, ruby red sorrel and golden creeping buttercups were all clamouring for my attention. What a way to start the day!

(I keep telling myself I already have far too many bluebell photos, but it’s very hard not to take more!)

Bridport DT6, UK