Dancing Ledge

Despite the dodgy weather forecast today, a trip to Dancing Ledge on the Isle of Purbeck was a welcome respite to being inside looking at the interminable rain we’ve had till very recently – the older I get, the more depressing I find gloomy weather!

After a sprinkling of rain, the weather improved, and following a long, very muddy walk from Langton Matravers, we arrived at the coast. The ledges are the remains of a shoreline quarry for building stone, blocks of which are still scattered about.

The sea was a wonderful cool milky green, boiling and roiling under the ledges, the cliffs were bright with golden lichen, and if one got bored, there were always troops of abseilers and coasteerers to watch. Outdoor fun and fitness come at a cost though – ropes, chains and steel loops are all over the rocks, which rather spoils the impression of raw nature. Leave no traces, except where safety dictates otherwise…

Oh, and a lovely rusty barn at Spyway to top off the walk – one of my favourite subjects.


Swanage BH19 3LD, UK