Close to home

Lyme Regis is my local town, and I take a walk there several times a week if I can manage it. I have hundreds – probably thousands – of images taken there over the years. Sometimes, I just enjoy walking by the sea and don’t see anything I want to snap. Other times, the light is so lovely, or something so interesting catches my eye, that I get out my phone (yes, it’s usually the phone on my everyday outings) and take some photos.

Today was one of those days – a crystal clear cold morning with the golden sun rising over the sea. The buildings in Broad Street (the high street) are quite characterful, but don’t always make a compelling photo. This morning, the low light reflecting on the facades lent them some extra charm. (Despite the presence of parked cars that always spoil the picture; and it being Monday, lots of rubbish sacks…)

And then as I walked along, the dazzling sun positioned itself handily behind the buildings on the Cobb so there was another opportunity, enhanced by the full tide and calm rippled water.

Finally a walk to the end of the harbour wall and a couple of snaps back towards the town, made more interesting by the light again.

Which all goes to show that familiarity doesn’t have to lead to contempt, but if you keep your eyes open and live in the moment, you can often find something to please you, even in the most familiar of surroundings.

Lyme Regis, Dorset, England, United Kingdom