Autumn melody

Although it has been warmer and sunnier these past two days than since early May, there is a definite feel of Autumn in the air – indefinable, but unmistakeable. My neighbour George, down the hill, has been sending billows of fragrant woodsmoke into the air each evening, and just ten minutes ago, I got a real shiver down my spine as I heard two or three robins singing their thready winter song for the first time. It’s as if Mother Nature has thrown the switch marked “End of Summer”.

Suddenly, my thoughts turn to falling leaves, hazelnuts, ripe blackberries, and all the other heralds of summer’s end. I just hope that September is glorious rather than dismal, to set us up for the coming winter.

Foraged bounty – field mushrooms, hips and haws, bullace, elderberries and blackberries


listen to a recording of a robin singing here:

and read about the different songs here: