A walk on the Undercliff

Just a few minutes walk from my home is the Undercliff: an almost primeval wilderness of steep land formed by landslips between Lyme Regis and Axmouth. This morning was the first sunny day we’ve had for ages, so I sneaked out for a quick walk before I started work.

The walk takes you over a level field to the top of the cliffs. As I got to the edge, the sound of the sea was suddenly in my ears: a magical experience, as the quiet and birdsong was replaced by the distant roar of the surf.

As I descended the steep path past Pillar Rock, the cool land breeze dropped and I was left in warm sunny air, full of the spicy scent of autumn leaves and wet foliage.

Treats for the eyes as well as the ears and nose: lots of bright berries: sealing-wax red hips, crimson haws, orange gladwyn, and blue-purple sloes; all glittering and gleaming like tiny baubles in the late autumn sunshine.

I enjoyed it while I could: the forecast is for more wind and rain, sadly.

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