A play of light

Photography is, of course, “all about the light”, and early this morning I made the most of bright weather. The sea at Lyme is often very cloudy with sediment, but after a few quiet days without much rain, the water was clear enough to see the seafloor at half-tide. I spent rather too long hanging over the railings and watching the mesmerising dance of refracted sunlight below – a golden ever-changing mesh overlaid on the sandy ripples, gutweed and blue-grey Lias rocks. A stately procession of seafoam and bubbles was moving parallel to the shore, just to add to my delight!

The mackerel sky also made some rather intriguing reflections on the calmly rippling surface. So here is my abstract homage to refraction, reflection, and ripples. My very own “Three R’s”…

Church St, Lyme Regis DT7 3BZ, UK