The Terracotta Rabbit says

On this page: Just for fun: read the wise (?) sayings of the Terracotta Rabbit

I made this terracotta rabbit in my pottery evening class many years ago. My son Sam took a photograph of him (on a rather primitive 640Mb digital camera!), and suggested he ought to have his own page, so here is the result.

"Ears a how-de-do! (with thanks to John Aldis)"
photo of terracotta rabbit with 'thinks' bubble

How it's done

This page uses a simple server-side script that reads a line at random from an ASCII file of sayings; if you reload the page, the saying will usually change (but not always, as that's the nature of randomness). Unfortunately it isn't perfect in all browsers at all font sizes: whe I first designed the page, I had to make the background of the saying white, to avoid display problems in Netscape Navigator 4. In Opera 3, the bubble background to the saying didn't appear at all; and in later versions, the font may not always fit well. Several years on, I could probably redesign the page using better CSS to improve the appearance, but I have better things to do with my time!

Again, this demonstrates that testing a site is important - in this case, I decided the page was still usable if not so pretty, so left it here (on the principle that the web isn't DTP).

I did have a version that let you add lines to the file (like a guestbook application), but I decided it wasn't sensible to allow unmoderated access to all and sundry. If you have a rabbitism you'd like me to add, please email it and I'll add it ASAP if I think it's fit for publication.