Sample page illustrating HTML font tag sizing options

On this page: Samples of different font sizes created using HTML >font< tags. I fully expect it to stop working in time as support for those ancient relics disappears - huzzah.

Q: Why does this page look different? A: If you have a modern styles-capable browser, this page will look different from the rest of the site because it doesn't use style sheets, in order to show the effect of the font tags more clearly.

The text below shows what different font settings look like on your computer with your browser set-up. To see if there is any difference between the relative and absolute sizes for you, try changing the default fonts used in your browser. (When I tested this, there didn't seem to be much difference, in spite of perceived wisdom!)

Relative sizes:

Size +4   Size +3   Size +2   Size +1   Size -1   Size -2   Size -3   Size -4

Absolute sizes:

Size 7   Size 6   Size 5  Size 4   Size 3   Size 2   Size 1

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