Web graphics: colour depth samples

On this page: Samples of the same page captured using different colour depth settings on my PC.

This page is a bit of a historical curiosity from the start of the century, as very few computers now survive with poor colour facilities. I've left it here so you can see how much the web has changed in less than a decade!

screen shot of web page at high colour depth setting

True colour (32-bit; 64M colours available) - nearly everyone can see this today

screen shot of web page at 256 colour depth setting

256 colours (8 bit). I used the 'safe palette' for my page, logo and link colours, so they look OK. But the photo is not brilliant.

screen shot of web page at 16 colour depth setting

16 colours (4 bit). Grim, huh? I once had two friends with their newish PCs stuck at this setting.