Silly stuff

On this page: A few of the daft things I have collected over the years. Completely pointless, but I like them, and this is my page, after all.

An elegant strainer

I bought this in a charity shop - it's a little strainer about 20cm long. What appealed to me was the unusual oval shape. I have never really worked out why it departs from the norm of a circular rim! But it's quite nice to sift small quantities of sugar or flour.

Whimsical cutlery

brass pickle forkfruit knife and fork with coloured handlesLeft, you see Satan's pickle fork. This spectacularly useless item is handsome in a devilish way, but brass is a ridiculous metal to use for something designed to be dipped in vinegar! I imagine it would be bright green after one or two uses, not to mention making the pickles taste metallic.

Right, two mismatched, battered, but I think charming, pieces of fruit cutlery. I was rather taken by the dainty ridges on the cream handle of the fork, and the rich tomato-red of the knife handle.

These two treasures came from a charity stall at the Uplyme Horticultural Show back a few summers ago. I also bought a Bluebird toffee hammer (remember those?), a glass jug that turned out to be Roman (!) and some assorted dessert knives for modelling in pottery.

A tiddly egg-box

4-egg egg-box

Aaah - a small but perfectly-formed egg-box from the local Co-op. There is something visually appealing about this symmetrical, and I think dinky, egg-box. (UK residents will know that we still buy things like eggs and bread rolls in dozens and half-dozens, though our duodecimal currency was replaced in 1971. I guess continental European eggs come in tens but not fives?)