Recipé for vinaigrette

On this page: I have to thank my Swiss friend Henriette Wood for introducing me to the special ingredient* in this delicious dressing for a green or Greek salad.


Two tablespoons (30ml) of wine vinegar
A good shake of Maggi Liquid Seasoning *
Salt and black pepper to taste - at least a pinch each
Small clove of garlic, lightly squashed
Quarter teaspoon of sugar
Quarter teaspoon of dry mustard powder
4 tablespoons of olive oil (60ml)

* This is a soy-based condiment with lovage, giving a savoury celery flavour. It's available in some supermarkets and in delicatessens. Look for a small square brown bottle with a yellow label and cap.


Put everything except the oil in a screw-top jar, and shake well to mix. Then add the oil and shake again to emulsify. If you like, remove the garlic after a few minutes for a mild flavour.

Tips: Like all fresh dressings, this one should be made in smallish quantities, kept in the fridge, and used up fairly quickly - don't keep it for weeks or the oil goes stale. The mustard helps emulsify the mixture - it doesn't make it very hot.