Recipé for stewed pears with two kinds of ginger

On this page: This warming winter fruit compôte was invented because of some leftovers I had one weekend - the tail end of a wine box, half a jar of ginger from the Xmas cake, and some ripe pears I had to use up. None the worse for that though.

Serves four people


6 small, or 4 large, ripe dessert pears
2 cm piece of fresh ginger
4 pieces of ginger in syrup, chopped
3 15ml spoons of ginger syrup
A little sugar
About 2 glasses of red wine
Single (light) cream, crème frâiche, or Greek yoghurt to serve.


Peel, core and quarter the pears. Peel and slice the fresh ginger. Put both in a heavy pan with the wine and simmer gently - turning occasionally - till the fruit is tender, ruby red all over, but still whole.

Remove the pears to a serving dish using a slotted spoon, and sprinkle the preserved ginger over them. Discard the fresh ginger. After 5 minutes, you'll probably find there is more juice to strain off the pears; add it to the pan.

Add the ginger syrup to the wine, sweeten to taste, and boil hard till reduced to a thin syrup. Spoon over the fruit, and stir gently.

Serve warm or cool, with the cream. Mmmm!


Use white wine and cloves for a change, or try cider and cinnamion stick. Not as pretty - but just as tasty.