Why 'Eye for Information' has a new look from time to time

On this page: My regular vistors (a select but, I hope, happy band!) will notice that, every few years, 'Eye for Information' gets a facelift. This is why...

A web site should never be finished, but should evolve. As it does, not only the words, but the look and feel, can change.

Blowing hot and cold?

In November 2003, I went from a warm pink to a cool blue livery - perhaps 'twas the approaching winter? Actually, I was just getting tired of seeing the same old graphics, and in a brief hiatus between jobs, set to work on a new design.

Because I'd been so careful in my original design, I really didn't need to address the same issues again. By using new style sheets and buttons, the transformation was very easy!

At the same time, I decided to move from HTML 4 to XHTML 1 - which wasn't such an easy task. A lot of the recoding could be automated, but over the years, some inconsistencies and variations in my coding style had crept in, so some pages got missed. I had to validate them all individually, which took ages. The good thing was that with my new styles and layouts, I could ditch all the print pages in the articles section, which were problematic in Netscape 4 (still being used then).

I managed Strict for all the inside pages, but only Transitional on the home page, because I wanted to offer a reasonable layout to all visitors, regardless of their browsers. One day, I'm sure I shall be able to reconsider this.

Changes under the bonnet (hood)

In January-February 2008, I decided the site, which had been growing organically for nearly nine years, needed to be refocused. I wanted to make it easier for people to find my business information quickly from the home page, placing less emphasis on the personal pages. So, this time round, it wasn't just a page redesign (taking advantage of the better support for CSS styles and using more scripting to automate navigation), but also a reorganisation of the information into new categories. As a result, there was some new content to be written as well. But the foundations of careful design and consistency meant this was relatively painless, if time-comsuming. (In recycling existing pages, I took the opportunity to update things as well, which is what took most of the time.)

As before, my style sheet made it very easy to change the page layout and colour scheme. And this time around, I was able to make the home page conform to the current web standards as well.